they say it gets in your blood

Coming back to Uganda I was prepared to feel so many things, but normal was not one of them. Of course there is the expected newness and awkwardness, but deeper than that there is a knowingness, a deliberateness, and an ease I can't quite put words to.

And we have a home. Our house is already a place of rest, inspiration, and refuge. It feels like the best of both worlds (even hannah montana would be jealous), we are in a safe compound with avery comfortable western house but just outside our gate (and our window) is Kampala at it's finest. Dusty roads, laughing children, loud music, and smalls I still haven't placed.

We have already spent much time with the Australian family who heads up our orphanage- Russ and Jenny and their children Becca (13), Grace (10) and Matt (6). Besides being sarcastic and coffee addicts, they are also passionate about sustainably investing in Uganda, providing the skills and the resources that are needed for long lasting change. I'm sure they will continue to be wonderful bosses and supports as we join them in their service here.

The Jordan House will be a good place to work. Already we have been there twice and were very glad to be greeted by so many familiar faces overjoyed to see that we followed through with our promise to return! I tell them of course, we have been saying many prayers and saving many dollars to come back. They are all sad to hear that we can only stay for nine months because, we tell them, our family and friends will miss us too much! Oh and about 100 people here send their greeting and love to you all.

So I am here once again, dirt on my feet, sun on my skin, and africa in my blood. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words- they continue to be my security and joy.